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NCS addict since Sep 2011

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Default Saul_Good's Journal

Joined this forum since my parents live up North and im up in norcal every month. Also, a member of Socalsubies.

I'll mainly use this journal to post videos of my trackday experiences so I don't spam up the picture/video section with "New Trackday videos"

Anyways..... I'm Saul_Good aka Luis. I drive an 05 Legacy GT and I'm in the Chairforce and love to drive fast on roadcourses. My goal is to drive every available roadcourse with in 2-3hrs of where I live, wherever I move. I used to autox for about 6 years but the standing around to seat time just wasn't there. I'll still hit one up every once in awhile though.

So far i've driven Mid-Ohio in Ohio, Putnam Park in Indiana, Hawaii Raceway Park (before they shutdown), Streets of Willow, Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Fontana (Roval/Infield courses).

I don't have much in way of power mods because I find for the type of driving I do stock to Stg 2 is fine. Anymore power and it starts to become a serious heat problem which means more money to get everything to run right and consistently. Right now the car is 'consistent' enough for me powerwise.... I could use a catback eventually though (got one now). Right now I'd just rather spend money on seat time and the expendables (tires/pads).

Blitz Panel Filter
Megan Racing 3in DP
Perrin Dual CBEUpdated 20100731
Perrin Equal Length Header 20110101
RallInspired Tune 20110619

UPDATED 20100706:
RCE Tarmac 1 Coilovers with 500/500# springs
Cusco Front Camber Plates
Cusco F&R Sways (23/21)
Cusco F&R Underbraces
Cusco F&R Strut tower bars
Super Pro Front LCA bushings (offset version)
Whiteline front steering rack bushings
Whiteline rear diff inserts
Whiteline roll center adjuster kit
Whiteline bumpsteer kit
Whiteline LCA inner bushings
TiC shifter pivot bushing
TiC Transmission crossmember bushings
TiC shifter linkage bushings (pending install)
Kartboy Shifter Bushings
Group N Transmission Mount
4boxparts rear lateral links
Rota DPT Hyperblack 17x9 +42 20110403
ACT HD pressure plate
ACT street/strip disc
ACT Lightweight Flywheel (14.9lbs)
MFactory Torsen Front LSD

Expendables (Pads/Tires):
Kumho Ecsta XS 255/40/17 20110403 *done*
Federal 595 215/45/17 (Street)
Toyo R888 255/40/17 (Track)
Carbotech Bobcats (Street)
Carbotech XP12 (Track)
Rotors from

5Zigen GN PRO 17x8.5 +48

Some sort of rear clutch style LSD -- Someone sponsor this for me
Some sort of new turbo....

You'll also get a bunch of spam from me trying to get people out to the track because I feel everyone should enjoy their car in a safe environment where you can push your car and yourself. It's why we mod our cars right?

Streets of Willow CW -- 1:29.63
Streets of Willow CCW -- 1:31.3
Big Willow -- 1:41.2 [new as of 12 June 11]
Buttonwillow -- 2:22 [Ricer excuse: No clean runs that day]
California Speedway Roval -- 2:00.671 [13 Aug 11]
California Speedway Infield -- 1:21.74
Adams -- 46.8 seconds

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NCS addict since Feb 2011

Car: NBP 08 LGT
Location: Reno, NV
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Looks like a great track set up. Ad some pics when you get a chance.
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sounds clean, just gotta see it now
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NCS addict since Sep 2011

Posts: 2

Pic added. More to come later.
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This thread is almost 5 years old..........
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