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Jake Davidson

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Default 2006 WRX - Need help with codes P0410 and P2444 (Secondary Air Injector/Pump Issues)

Hey guys,

So a few weeks ago I got a check engine light and flashing cruise control and I checked the codes on my Accessport to find that I have P0410 (Secondary Air Injector Fault) and P2444 (Secondary Air Pump Stuck On). I guess I have been lucky since I am at 170K miles and haven't had this come up at all. I have cleared the codes a few times and it keeps coming back.

The concensus on other threads is that using delete plates and turning off the CELs (I have a Cobb AP and a custom tune from Ed at EQ Tuning) is the way to go, unless I want to spend at least $1,600. Due to the age of my car, I am sure any mechanic would cream at the idea of telling me I need to replace almost every component of the system. I live in Cali, but my car registered in NV, so I am not concerned about emissions testing.

I have a couple of questions:
1) I hear that this procedure it a bit easier on a 2006 WRX since there is only 1 atmospheric sensor to deal with. If the valve is stuck open, am I safe driving my car until i get it fixed?
2) I am not a mechanic god or anything, so I would happily throw one of you guys some money & beer & pizza to help me verify that the issue really isn't just a faulty fuse or something else easy, but if it is necessary, install the delete plates and everything. I could probably do it myself, but I am scared of screwing something up.

I was going to ask EQ Tuning to see if I could drive down there and have them turn off the codes for me. Maybe there is an easier way to do it?

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