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01:49 RallyHead
DM if you own a 25rs and are interested in selling <<
04:42 ctrevillyan
Any offroad subaru clubs between Sac and Tahoe?
09:41 Jill C
VuPoint Research has an upcoming car study in January for new car and/or Subaru owners. Pays $150 for 40 minutes in SSF. Contact Jill at 650-871-6800 for more details. Press 1 to bypass greeting.
06:53 stupidchicken03
10:45 Jill C
VuPoint Research has an upcoming car study in January for new car and/or Subaru owners. Pays $150 for 40 minutes of your time in SSF. Contact Jill at 650-871-6800, ext 1 for more details. Thank you.
10:27 SUB98
FOR SALE Subaru Legacy Outback
10:26 SUB98
FOR SALE Subaru Legacy Outback
09:14 AWDfreak
hill holder is activated when there is a steep enough uphill grade and both clutch and brake pedal are pressed, what do you mean by stop working?
05:32 taniawrx
I have a 09 Wrx hatchback and at random times my hill assist will stop working. Any idea what could be causing this?
03:18 Subienewbie04
Whats uo
05:59 AWDfreak
Oh **** we do have spammers (20Mar2016)
04:51 AWDfreak
you're a porn thread (16Mar2016)
02:03 stupidchicken03
Wow two days of porn threads and no one does anything (15Mar16)
02:43 HeistProjects
Hello, I'm looking for a 2009 - 2013 Subaru Outback for a video shoot. Please email me if interested. We can pay a picture car fee. Please email me at
08:01 Kevin
maybe something a little less formal for the first meet. Replace the rallycross with karting?
05:09 AWDfreak
Sacramento area, off-road/rallycross with a car show at a nearby off-road park? (7Mar2016)
03:29 Kevin
If you have any ideas, let me know
03:29 Kevin
around a fun activity, like karting
03:29 Kevin
I really just wanted to do a fun SUBARU enthusiast festival. Coming up with a good central location that would be inviting to the areas with the most SUBARUs would be ideal. I would hope to have it
04:49 stupidchicken03
yea... never heard of it lol (4Mar16)
09:23 JourdanWithaU
Growth Phase?
04:34 AWDfreak
idk b0ss (25Feb2016)
02:18 stupidchicken03
When does this growth phase start? (Feb32016)
02:48 phoenixfyrbird
Anyone going to Subie Winterfest 2016 at Boreal Resort?
03:02 RileysWRX
Hey! Just joined this group. Got a 2004 WRX for my first car and eager to learn more about it!


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